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About me

I am a first-year PhD candidate for Learning and Autonomous Control (LAC) at the Department of Cognitive Robotics (CoR), Delft University of Technology. I am supervised by Professor Javier Alonso-Mora and Professor Christian Pek. My research focuses on task and motion planning in multiagent systems accounting for interaction and cooperation between other agents and humans.

Before coming to Delft, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), and a master’s degree from KTH Royal institute of Technology (Sweden). After my MSc, I worked as a research engineer at KTH for Professor Dimos Dimarogonas’s group.


  • July 2023. I will be in Prague (CTU) for the IEEE RAS Summer School on Multi-Robot Systems.
  • June 2023. I am starting my PhD at TU Delft at the cognitive robotics department.
  • September 2022. I am working as a research engineer at the Smart Mobility Lab for Prof. Dimos Dimarogonas’ group in KTH.